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Like Long Ago [closed character event] [Sun, Feb 24th, 08 @ 12:30PM]

[ mood | okay ]

Who: Kairi [morningtwilight] and Riku [fellfromlight].
Where: Riku's house, and then from there onwards.
When: Friday 29th February, around about 10:30am.
Notes: From here. Basically, they planned an outing with one another.

The weather seemed to be heating up as it neared the end of February - the long and unusually cold winter at times seemed to be disapating into Spring as the government saw fit. Kairi wasn't really paying attention to the slight tiny bit more of warmth around her, still finding the need to throw a coat over her clothes, and was starting to regret wearing that pink dress of hers as she walked across the city, a place she'd gone many times before.

But she wasn't going to Sora's, oh no. She was going to see Riku, who, as it were, lived next door to Sora. Despite saying she wasn't worried about what Sora would say when he found out- that wasn't true. She'd worried slightly over it, but she'd found it best not to tell him in the end, as she knocked on Riku's front door a couple of times, shifting her feet from the cold.
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Dozing In The Heat [event] [Sat, Feb 9th, 08 @ 10:17PM]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Who: Rikku [upbeatprincess] and anybody up to pestering her~ ♥.
Where: The park-of-plot's lake that hasn't been mentioned for a while.
When: Monday 11th February, around about 3:00pm.

The day was sunny and warm, and even if it was nearing a close now (since it was winter time), the sun beat down upon the people who had gathered in the park itself. Even Rikku had dragged herself out of her house for a while to enjoy the suns rays, and had soon found herself in the park, next to the lake, laid back on the grass under the shade of a tree, her hands behind her head as she looked up at the sky.

She yawned once, before stretching. She'd hadn't quite planned on coming here, and it was surprising she was actually being quiet rather than making a rucus, but she had her moments of silence. It was just nice and peaceful, and she could just doze in the heat...

That was, until a spray of water splashed over her face, causing her to sit bolt upright and look around for the perpentrator. "Hey!" she called after them, as they ran past.
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Visits [event] [Thu, Feb 7th, 08 @ 9:26PM]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Who: Roxas [oathtooblivion] and Fai [unfortunatesnow]
Where: Roxas' house
When: Thursday 7th February, 5pm
Notes: Sakura, Axel and Kurogane, feel free to join? (...What a crowd that'd be. XD)

A strange and unusual silence hung about the house. Roxas had arrived home from school some time ago to find both Axel and Sakura had gone out somewhere; a rare occurence in itself, and now he was thoroughly bored and fed up without either of them for company. He'd spent most of the afternoon sitting around, staring into space, and finding any excuse to be putting off that homework assignment due in tomorrow.

So it came as a blessing when the doorbell rang, and he sprang up from the chair almost instantly to answer it. His face fell, however, when he noticed whoever had rang wasn't either Axel or Sakura - or even Rikku - but a complete stranger. At least he wasn't a door-to-door salesman or something.

Doing his best to conceal his disappointment and feeling a little stupid for it at the same time, he said awkwardly, "...Hi."
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Little Girl in a Big City [event] [Sun, Jan 27th, 08 @ 1:18PM]

[ mood | scared ]

Who: Giselle [songandlove] and anyone else
Where: The mall
When: Sunday 27th January, early morning
Notes: Someone be nice to poor Giselle. *huge puppy eyes*

"E-excuse me... Pardon me..."

Disheleved, lost, and feeling completely out of place, Giselle hurried through the crowds of people, who pushed and bumped and stepped on her poor wedding dress. She was attracting a fair amount of attention, for some reason, but not one person was willing to help her. She definitely wasn't in Andalasia any more... It was all a confusion of bright lights, shiny colours... and she'd never seen so many people in one place at once!

Persevering, she tapped someone on the shoulder. He was a young man, with a black leather jacket and spiked hair, and when he turned around, there was a ring through his nose. Frightened, she swallowed, and said, "Excuse me, but do you know which way I could find Andalasia? You see, I'm very lost--"

He snorted, looking her up and down. "Nice dress, princess," he laughed, turning and walking away.

"Oh! Thank you!" she called after him, smiling at the supposed compliment and tiptoeing to see his head disappearing into the crowds of shoppers. Suddenly someone barged past her, knocking her into another person like a row of dominoes. Realising she might have hurt them, she turned and said quickly, "I'm so, so sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you like that!"
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Beauty in the Breakdown [log] [Sat, Jan 26th, 08 @ 1:51AM]

Who: Dizzy (just_for_light ) and Xianghua Chai (roseatedawn )
When: Tonight (Friday, January 26th)
Where: Their apartment
Summary: Dizzy has a meltdown, and Xianghua finds out some interesting things about her roommate. This leads to subtext bonding.

...Not that she actually wanted to kiss her, of course. That would be silly. She liked guys, after all. Stupid hopeless romantic side rearing its head at completely inappropriate times!Collapse )

Body, Heart, Mind... and Coffee [event] [Thu, Jan 24th, 08 @ 5:51PM]

[ mood | cold ]

Who: Maya [defendingspirit] and anyone else.
Where: A city centre street
When: Saturday 26th January, midday
Notes: I need to stop neglecting poor Maya. :(

Maya was swiftly approaching the age where responsibility was something she could no longer avoid. Sure, she'd been busy helping Phoenix and his court cases, but it was an excuse to neglect something else: her duties as a spirit medium. As future master of the Kurain tradition, she couldn't ignore her training, and the position of Master required her to be strong in body, heart and mind.

Which was why, right now, she was sat at a table outside a small cafe despite the cold weather, garbed in nothing but the channeling costume she always wore, feeling a little self-conscious at all the odd looks she was recieving from the people warm and snug inside the cafe. Endurance of the cold was all part of training - not that it stopped her from taking a break and buying herself a coffee, which she nursed in her hands to warm them back up. She felt a little guilty, because in a way, it was cheating.

Smiling at another person watching her oddly, she just told herself she had been thirsty. There was no cheating in that, was there?
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Supper Time [Character Event] [Wed, Jan 23rd, 08 @ 9:32PM]

Who: Kurogane (black_steelpup) and Fai (unfortunatesnow) and open (especially if Ed and/or Sakura wants to barge in)~
Where: Kurogane's apartment.
When: After this.
Notes: Warnings for Kurogane's language and vampire-ness.

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The Demons Return [character event] [Sun, Jan 20th, 08 @ 2:26PM]

[ mood | scared ]

Who: Sakura [adversarykills] and anbody else up to saving her.
Where: One of the quieter streets, near the suburbs.
When: Thursday 24th January, around about 6:00pm.
Notes: Operation - revise Sakura muse! in progress. And er, in honour of the latest Tsubasa chapter. Sob sob.

The weather was strange that evening, as it seemed to have malfunctioned slightly to create small flakes of snow falling into the gathering darkness. It wasn't dangerous, so it seemed to have been left that way. Sakura didn't mind - instead, she was near fascinated with it. She'd only seen it a couple of times since coming to New Sanctum, and she'd only seen it once before that - a while back, when her memories had still been a bit too scattered for her to make sense of much. She made her way home slowly that evening, taking a less direct route than normal.

It seemed the calm aura that had been laid over the city was never meant to last, though, as she heard a sudden noise out of the shadows by her, and wind whipped at her ankles. Paying attention, she spun round instantly, her eyes wide as she met face to face with a demon - which seemed far too happy to have found her all alone out in the snow.

Caught defenseless and weaponless, Sakura had no choice but to scream and duck out of the reach of it's long talons as it clawed out at her, only hoping for rescue or a chance to escape.
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better late than never [closed character event] [Sun, Jan 13th, 08 @ 1:58PM]

[ mood | rushed ]

Who: Sora [doortothedark] and Riku [fellfromlight].
Where: Sora's house.
When: Sunday 13th January, about 4:00pm.
Notes: Sora finally remembers to give Riku his Christmas present from him and Kairi.

Having decided he best 'clear up' before Riku showed up from next door, Sora decided it best to work on the living room first, throwing cushions back onto seats and actually bothering to pile whatever videos or CD's were half strewn across the floor. He usually spent more time in there than his room, given the fact that his mother was rarely ever home.

The only thing he left that was out of place was a wrapped parcel, of some bright silvery blue, a colour that Kairi had chosen to wrap the present in and that Sora had agreed on. He paused as he passed it, recollecting on what they'd both decided on. It was a picture, in one of those overly fancy frames - but the pictures was of the most importance. A picture of Sora, Riku, and Kairi when they were all kids, together, and nothing seperated them apart. It had been specifically enlarged and cleaned up for all of this... and Sora just hoped that Riku would like it.

He sighed, looking out of the front window. I hope he gets here soon.
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job hunting really sucks ¬¬ (character event) [Tue, Jan 1st, 08 @ 2:59AM]

Who: Edward Elric (lawofexchange) & anyone else
Where: Town Square
When: 9am, 1st January
Notes Ed needs some plot~. I'm not sure if everywhere has these, but where I live you can usually find portable food carts that sell fast food and hot drinks, if there's enough space there's usually a few tables dotted around here and there as well. I've pretty much got that in mind, only something that looks more rustic.

The first day of the new year was so far relatively unimpressive. He was still unemployed, still stuck in a place he wasn’t quite familiar with and to add insult to injury he was sitting at a small table in front of an overcrowded cart (selling cheap food and warm drinks) despite still considering it to be early in the morning with hunched shoulders and his fingers curled around a steaming polystyrene cup of weak-looking coffee.

The coffee wasn’t the problem, it was weaker than he liked but he had come to rely on the substance to wake himself up properly when he needed to concentrate and motivate himself. That motivation came in the form of scouring the want-ads in the morning newspaper but even that was proving to be rather futile, the fact of the matter remained that if people needed employees, they kept on the temporary workers they hired during Christmas.

“…dammit,” he muttered to himself quite sullenly as he folded up the paper and tossed it back onto the table in disgust in favour of staring into his cup of coffee. He heard someone approach and stop behind him and frowned, glancing over his shoulder. “Do you want something or are you just waiting for the table?” He asked bluntly, unintentionally letting his bad mood show.
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A surprise for me? {closed character event} [Thu, Dec 27th, 07 @ 5:52PM]

[ mood | curious ]

Who: Fai (unfortunatesnow )and Kurogane(black_steelpup)
When: 6:00 PM on December 27th
Summary: Fai goes to meet up with Kurogane to find out what his surprise is.

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He finally ventures from his cave! [Thu, Dec 27th, 07 @ 10:31AM]

[ mood | *growl* ]

Who: Kurogane (black_steelpup) and anyone~!
Where: Small bakery and perhaps a garden later.
When: 10:30 AM on December 27th
Summary: Kurogane is sick up painting and fixing up his the place for his landlord and whats to go out for a bit.
Notes: Kurogane needs friends... T-T

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Christmas Day~ *Public Event* [Tue, Dec 25th, 07 @ 2:01AM]

[ mood | creative ]

Where: City Centre/Town Square & 4 streets that are linked to it
When: 10am, 25th December
Summary: In a bid to distract the general public from the problems and downright dangerous situations that arose this year, the Government have pulled out all the stops to arrange a huge street festival, taking place in the centre of the city.
Notes: I HAD to do something for Christmas Day, I love this time of year far too much just to let it lie, anyone can respond ^_^ so come and join my attempts at festivities hee hee! :)

It was another white Christmas, the technology simulating the weather under the dome never failed to provide the white, ice cold substance around this time of year. It seemed to raise spirits rather nicely and with the majority of stores being closed down for the Christmas period it had no major impact on anyone’s way of life either, it really was simply something pretty to look at in both daylight and under the silver glow of the moon, the surface glistening as though it was covered with tiny crystals.

In pride of place was the large Christmas tree, illuminated with colourful fairy lights and decorated with large baubles, ornaments and tinsel. A large bronze star took pride of place at the top of the tree whilst empty display boxes had been wrapped up in festive paper to simulate the gifts that would have been beneath the tree if it was in an ordinary household.

Near the tree a large stage had been erected where various live bands were playing, singing anything from their latest number ones to old Christmas songs that had once been forgotten along with everything else from the Old World. The stage was decorated around the edges with silver and gold tinsel but the snow that had settled on it had been swept away long before the performing groups had even arrived to set up their equipment.

Pink and white fairy lights had been strung up along the four streets that linked with the city centre, hanging between the street lights loosely. Each lamp post had been carefully wrapped with colourful tinsel and the many wooden stalls that had been set up along the four main streets were also decorated with bright lights and tinsel. There were a large quantity of items on offer, mostly food varying from soups, stews, goose and turkey to sweeter things like Christmas puddings soaked with brandy, mince pies and miniature cakes. Other stalls were selling items with the profits going to charity from jewellery to little toys and trinkets.

The streets were bustling, the music from the performing bands audible even in the darkest alleyway and there was a pleasant atmosphere all around.
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and a long lost friend found [closed character event] [Mon, Dec 24th, 07 @ 6:49PM]


 Sora [

doortothedark] and Riku [fellfromlight]
Where: Ice cream shop.
When: Monday, 24th December, about 4pm.
Notes: Riku had secretly left a note by Sora's doorstep, asking to meet him. Though he used his name's intitals, it's likely that Sora might know who sent the note...There may be slowness in replies as both main parties-mun are in way different timezones. Kairi [morningtwilight] is welcome to barge in, though. :) Since they used to be a trio~

Riku crossed his legs and arms in anticipation yet in fear at the same time. It had been so long since he had seen Sora, yet to come back to New Sanctum right before the Christmas season must have been some concidence. After spending time on Roxas and settling on a temporary truce, he had decided it was time to meet them. Sora, and possibly Kairi. He wasn't expecting much- would Sora even recognise him after so long? Frowning to himself, he ordered a familiar ice cream flavour, one that he ate with Sora whenever they came by the shop. He wondered if Sora even remembered which table that they used to eat at after spending hours together at long sword-fighting duels. Pushing the bags of gifts he had gotten a while ago, he looked around and sighed. 

Would he come?



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Welcome to the Cabaret [open event] [Sat, Dec 15th, 07 @ 10:53PM]

Who: Dizzy [just_for_light], Slayer [dandy_step], Taki [sanctumhuntress], Xianghua [roseatedawn], and anyone else that wants to join!
Where: The sexploitation bar cabaret where Dizzy and Xianghua work
When: Tonight (Saturday, December 15)
Notes: For those that don't know, Dizzy and Xianghua work at a charming little cabaret whose main selling points are BOOZE and SCANTILY CLAD WOMEN and, oh yeah, some fairly entertaining performances (that usually include said scantily clad women). So, if your characters are fans of either BOOZE and SCANTILY CLAD WOMEN or the performances, I guess, please consider having them stop by :D

As was typical of a Saturday night, the cabaret was bustling with the sounds of activity--namely, the distribution of drinks, chatter of patrons, and various performances being enacted on a stage centered on the wall furthest from the door. A number of girls worked behind the bar stationed near the entrance, while several others flitted between the tables distributed throughout the rest of the establishment, collecting or fulfilling orders as they did so. The overall atmosphere was one of a sort of comfortable chaos, an activeness that signified a pleasant amount of tips to the girls working there... as well as amusement for any who decided that night would be a good one to stop by.
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Ripples [event] [Sat, Dec 15th, 07 @ 12:48AM]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Who: Toph [blindedbandit] and Fai [unfortunatesnow]
Where: The park
When: Saturday 15th December, 11pm
Notes: Toph's and Fai's agreed meeting.

Toph was perched on the edge of the fountain of the park, her dirty bare feet not quite touching the floor. The place was incredibly still and dark, and even the fountain had been turned off for the night. She ran her fingers through the water, feeling the ripples it created to amuse herself as she waited. She was almost looking forward to meeting Fai, which was an unusual occurence for her. It promised to be an interesting night, at any rate. She knew barely anything about him, but there was still something unusual about him she couldn't place.

Suddenly, she felt footsteps approaching, and she turned from the fountain and snapped to attention. Of course, she couldn't see who it was, but whoever was coming was someone she'd not met before in person. She remained silent, pulling her hand from the water of the fountain and waited for them to approach.
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Obligatory 'run up to Christmas' event~ (public) [Tue, Dec 11th, 07 @ 12:13AM]

[ mood | creative ]

Where: Set in the streets of New Sanctum, but can also take place anywhere.
When: 11th December, 12:35pm
Notes: Well as the title suggests, this is the obligatory run up to Christmas event though it can also be known as 'the result of darkslayer709's overtired brain and aversion to sleep. One thing to be noted is that although this is set in the streets, this kind of thing could really happen anywhere, I just thought it'd be the easiest place to set the scene :)

Christmas was often a time of year criticised by the many for being far too commercial. A time that had once been about giving and generally showing compassion to one another had turned into another excuse for people to spend large amounts of money in stores selling the latest in Christmas tat for distant relatives simply because they felt ‘obliged’ to do so whilst expecting something far better in return.

The ideals of Christmas may have declined over the years, but the atmosphere was as vibrant as ever. Carollers were already patrolling the streets, many of which carrying small buckets and cans with holes cut into them in order to collect money for charity, which in itself was a direct contradiction to what Christmas had become to the masses. There were various performers out in the streets, dressed up in festive costumes as they danced or played musical instruments, between them they filled the chilly streets with both song and music and added to what had been dubbed ‘festive cheer’.

Expensive decorations hung from every building, with bright fairy lights coiled around lamp posts and hanging from various awnings and window ledges of buildings that were not privately owned. Small stalls had been set up in the wider sections of the street, selling various things from freshly baked goods to detailed, handmade jewellery and charms. The streets were the place to be, even if you didn’t believe in the commercialisation of Christmas.
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Books for Crazies! [Log] [Sun, Dec 9th, 07 @ 6:15PM]

[ mood | calm ]

Who Dizzy (just_for_light) and Xianghua (roseatedawn)
When: Today?
Where: Their apartment, then a local bookstore.
Summary: Book shopping! Also scumbag-deterring.

'You'd rather she read some trashy romance!?' 'What!? Jesus, no! Even I have standards!'Collapse )


Nineteen [event] [Sun, Dec 2nd, 07 @ 10:12PM]

[ mood | okay ]

Who: Anyone and everyone! Just read the notes below to make sure you know under what conditions your character would find themselves there.
Where: The Dalmascan Estate, inner city
When: Wednesday 5th December, around about 6:00pm
Notes: Ashe's (tornhallelujah) birthday party event - commence! Basically for the unknowing, her father's blackmailed persuaded her into having a party for her nineteen years, and all the high ranking families and government officials will be there. High ranking family with power? Have social status? Live in the inner city? Balthier? Great, you're invited! However, the event is open to all - whoever said guards can't fall asleep even if their is maximum security? ;) Just make sure to bring a mask, since it's a masked ball/masquerade.

There was maximum security at the estate of Dalmasca that night - Sir Dalmasca was taking no chances at having a repeat episode of what had happened many years ago tonight. It seemed he'd returned from the land of the barely living for the past week, which had annoyed his daughter, Ashe, to no end. It was her ninteenth birthday, and as he'd stated, it would only come the once. In such, he'd planned and prepared, spent money on food, gathered the court together, and made Ashe send out the invitations. On a final combined decision it had been upgraded to a masked ball - and now his efforts were showing.

There was a surprise turn out and every lord and lady in the city was most likely there for the free food, even if they'd only heard of the Dalmascan's by name. The wide hall, glittering white, had been polished from top to bottom, wreaths and chains of flowers hung about the place. A large, intricately designed banner with the words 'Happy Nineteen Years Ashelia' hung on the staircase leading to the upper levels where Sir Dalmasca stood alongside the band. Table upon table laden with food stretched along each side of the hall, the tables already starting to fill on the inside and the outside leading into the garden. Many were dancing to the waltz that was playing, keeping in tune with the masquerades of long ago, not caring to tell their dance partner just who they were.

More people were arriving through the gates - the guards ticked off the list, and several partrolled the walls. Security was tight, but in an hour or so, the lazier ones would more than likely be asleep. This would be a night to remember - or so Sir Dalmasca hoped. The hostess had yet to show her face to the festivities.
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Dizziness [character event] [Sun, Dec 2nd, 07 @ 4:21PM]

[ mood | drained ]

Who: Yuuki [snowstainedred] and anyone else.
Where: Walls of Cross Academy, in the inner city.
When: Monday 3rd December, around about 2:30am.
Notes: This is Yuuki! ♥

Yuuki winced as she tilted her neck sideways to get a better view back onto the Accademy grounds. She was sat on the wall, crouching like an animal, which gave her a clear view of both the city and the grounds. There was no students in sight, and the only light came from the tall building where the Night Class would be studying. She yawned once, before visably wincing again. She was tired and her limbs hurt, though that was most likely from the blood loss.

No, it is from the blood loss. She thought to herself, placing a hand over the bandages around her neck which covered the fang marks. As soon as she did so, a sudden wave of dizziness overcame her - and she found herself slipping backwards off the wall, crashing down on the street. Fortunately, it wasn't too big, but - she hadn't landed on the road. But on someone.
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